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Researchgate post what is the office chair design

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase. James A. Levine, an obesity specialist at the Mayo Clinic, published a paper in making the claim that any type of extended sitting, whether it is at your desk at work or behind the wheel of your car, can be harmful.

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For many people, their professional lives involve sitting in chairs for hours on end without getting up to stretch or give their bodies a chance to move around a bit. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health problems in your life. It's true that there are a lot of exercises you can do at your deskand there is a growing market for desk exercise equipment. But simply buying and using an ergonomic chair can also go a long way toward preventing many health issues down the road.

Here are our top picks for the best ergonomic office chairs! Even if you exercise for an hour each day, you might not be able to counteract the negative impacts that are brought on by sitting for the rest of your day. Too much sitting can lead to an early death because of its direct link to heart disease and diabetes. While the cause of the link between these diseases and a sedentary lifestyle remains unclear, research suggests that excessive sitting has detrimental effects on your sugar and fat metabolism, which both increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

But it is not only heart disease and diabetes that chronic sitters are putting themselves at risk for. Sitting all day can increase your risks of certain cancers, contribute to anxiety and depression, lead to weight gain and obesity, decrease skeletal muscle mass, raise your blood pressure, and lead to high cholesterol. Although sitting is more comfortable than standing, it probably doesn't feel like that is worth all of these negative impacts on your health. Additionally, sitting puts a lot of pressure on the lumbar area of your spine, which can lead to back pain and posture issues.

The good thing about sitting in a comfortable, ergonomic computer chair is that it will help prevent health problems for you when you are working long hours in a seated position. Or, if you are already experiencing back trouble, an ergonomic chair for back problems can help alleviate your pain. While you might not be able to get out of doing your job, if you at least have a healthy and comfortable place to work with comfortable computer chairs, your body will benefit from it in the long run.

Ergonomics is a critical factor in maintaining your physical well-being. Having a chair with a proper ergonomic design is important in the prevention of repetitive strain injuries, which may develop slowly, but can lead to disability in the long run. If you are like many people, you may not realize that you are working in a poorly designed computer workstation, or that your bad work habits when it comes to sitting can lead to serious health problems.

A Guide to Antique Chair Identification With Photos

Finding the best ergonomic office chair for you will allow you to have comfort for your spine by promoting proper posture. The spine joints are especially vulnerable to strain when you maintain an awkward posture for a long period of time. An improper sitting posture can strain the spinal ligaments that support your joints, and lead to stiffness and inflammation.

If you're able to offer the most comfort for your spine, you can avoid developing or worsening back problems.Here we feature the best office chairs you can buy today - but also check out our full feature on everything else you need to set up your home office - or for something a bit different, our list of the best standing desk choices.

What is often an overlooked and underrated part of any office, more than the computer setup or any other equipment, might be one of the most important.

Best Seller Unique Design Ergonomic Black Computer Mesh Office Chair

Sure, cool new PCstabletssmartphonesmonitors are sexier and more fun to shop for. And you might think that ratty old chair you have is good enough.

In fact, you might also think the best office chairs are going to break the bank and getting one is just not worth it.

researchgate post what is the office chair design

But upgrading is not only more affordable than it may seem, but more important, too. Back problems are more prevalent than ever and all the sitting we do, while working or playing, is only contributing to the problem. So go get something with some good support. View Deal. That includes being able to adjust the headrest for height and anglearmrests vertically and horizontallybackrest tilt and tilt tension, and the lumbar support firmness plus positioning, too.

Humanscale makes some seriously nifty high-end ergonomic office chairs, and the Freedom is, for us, the pinnacle of that niftiness.

researchgate post what is the office chair design

It not only looks fabulous — particularly in the leather option, which offers additional advantages in case of accidental drink spillages — but the really clever bit is that the Freedom is designed to do away with the complex knobs or levers that many ergonomic options can baffle you with.

Instead, it adjusts itself automatically to fit the ideal ergonomics for your body. For example, when reclining in the chair, it automatically adjusts the backrest resistance to the optimal level. The end result is a whole lot of comfortable sitting, without having to do any thinking about tension settings and so forth. You can also slide the seat pan forwards or backand adjust the height of the backrest, and the headrest simply by pulling it in the latter case; in fact, all these adjustments are dead easy to make.

So there is a lot to like here, but the downside is that this is not an office chair for the faint of wallet.

Bear in mind, however, that the pricier models are the leather and polished aluminum offerings. Remember that there are versions with plain fabric and a graphite frame — they might not look as high-end, but they still provide the same superb sitting experience, often for hundreds of dollars less. Also note that this chair is backed by a year warranty, which inspires confidence for sure.

Furthermore, the back is made of a mesh material to let the air through and provide better breathability, which is always good for those longer sitting sessions. You can adjust the Markus for height, tilt, and the back can be locked in place, or it can be reclined. An unexpected bonus in this price bracket is that this IKEA product comes with an impressive year guarantee.

The Branch Ergonomic Chair aims to deliver premium features at a palatable price, and it certainly has the appearance of a piece of furniture that punches above its weight in terms of price bracket. Furthermore, you can adjust the lumbar support, seat pan depth, and the armrests too, giving plenty of opportunity to get the Branch Ergonomic Chair feeling just right.

This office chair also has an aluminum base, as well as a breathable mesh weave on the backrest, plus a high-density foam cushion on the seat pan — making sure things are comfortable even for longer sitting sessions.

If you need a more compact task chair, then look no further than the Hon Volt Task Stool. Overall, though, this is a well-liked task chair with some good feedback in terms of online reviews.Last Updated: August 4, References. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more If you regularly work at a desk for computer work or study, you'll need to sit on an office chair that is correctly adjusted for your body to avoid back pain and problems. As doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists know, many people develop seriously overstretched ligaments in their spine and sometimes even disc problems due to sitting on unfitted office chairs for long periods of time. However, adjusting an office chair is simple and only takes a matter of minutes if you know how to adapt it to your body's proportions.

To check whether you need to adjust your office chair, sit in it with your arms resting on your work surface. If your hands are higher than your elbows, you'll want to raise your seat. If your hands are lower than your elbows, lower your seat instead. Then, try to move your clenched fist between your calf and the front of the chair.

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Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary.More than any other single factors, furnishings and layout drive the success—or failure—of open plan office design. Open office design means different things to different people, notes Dave Madson, principal at CBTan architecture, interior design and urban design firm.

The decision gives Wasserstrum less privacy than other CEOs, but also makes him more accessible and approachable to other staff. Credit: SquareFoot. Make sure that senior management or the leadership team buys into the idea of giving these types of choices to employees. Companies that implement an open office strategy tend to do so for one of two reasons, explains Angie Lee, vice president of buildings for Stanteca global design firm:.

Cost reduction. Open plan offices allow you to fit more people into a space, which minimizes your square footage requirements. Recruitment and retention. Open office implementation can be part of an overall upgrade aimed at keeping the talent you have and bringing in new people. A bench out in the open or a couple of chairs with a small, movable table create simple nooks that colleagues can duck into to touch base.

The most functional open office design accounts for different work modes by including flexible spaces that cater to each type of work. This critical space type fosters concentration. Private offices, workstations in quiet areas and benching can all contribute to healthy focus spaces, Lee explains. People should be able to duck into areas specifically designed for collaboration when they need to have conversations or brainstorm with colleagues.

Think about flexible furnishings and layouts for spaces like conference rooms—clients can convert them into auditorium-style or classroom-style seating when they need to train groups. This category describes any area where employees can rejuvenate and come back to work with fresh eyes, Lee says. A glass-enclosed workspace inside lets people enjoy the green roof even when the weather is bad. The recipe for success depends on the industry your client is in.

A tech company might prize collaborative space, for example, while an insurance company might need more focus space for sensitive conversations. Company culture is also part of the mix, Lee says. Place spaces like these near focus spots for more traditional work so that people can see them easily and plan to use them. Correctly sizing space for various work modes is a constant struggle in open office design.

Huge conference rooms go unused or underutilized, accommodating a dozen people once a week and remaining empty for the rest of the time.

Look at how big your total space is and your current square footage per person, then consider how you might reallocate that space to a different balance of open plan workstations vs. A recent Stantec project, a consolidation of two Washington, D.

The client ultimately eliminated several floors from their lease from the square footage savings. You can imagine that the sales people operate differently than the researchers.

But they needed to recruit the best people, and to do that, the work environment has to reflect the best state-of-the-art 21 st -century environment. It was his vision that drove the project.

Open office layouts are likely here to stay. But clients can make the most of them for tenant success and employee retention. Consider these five tips for maximizing finite square footage. People do it all the time in their apartments and homes, without worry. The same concept can be adapted to the modern workplace to both appeal to those who want to sit on those couches and do their work, and those passing by on their way to their desks or to a meeting.

Monthly birthday events and after-work happy hours encourage socializing between different areas of the company. Other spaces, like the boardroom, large conference rooms and the other collaborative spaces, are arranged along the perimeter and glazed on the inside and outside to capitalize on incoming daylight.

That means creating layouts and specifying furnishings that can move around and change without too much work, such as demountable walls and partitions.Through multiple test panels involving dozens of Wirecutter staffers trying out office chairs, the Gesture has continued to be a favorite since we first recommended it in The Gesture also comes in the widest range of fabrics and other finishing options of the chairs we tested, so you can customize its appearance for your workspace.

Three sizes help it fit a wider range of body types and sizes than most one-size-fits-all chairs. The Herman Miller Aeron is an iconic, comfortable, and durable chair, and the mesh back and seat make it a better option than the Gesture if you run hot or work somewhere without air conditioning.

Bottom line: If you mainly want a chair that props you up ergonomically and is comfortable for long hours of typing at a desk, the Aeron will suit you well. Because it has been around so long, we know that the Aeron is durable enough to last a decade or more—and you can probably find a lightly used example at a steep discount at an office-furniture liquidation store.

It comes in three sizes, so we recommend checking the fit guide PDF before ordering. The Sayl is as supportive and comfortable as many chairs twice the price, but it lacks some advanced adjustment features. If our top picks are out of your price range, the Herman Miller Sayl provides similar comfort and durability for nearly half the price.

It lacks much of the adjustability that the Steelcase Gesture offers, but it still satisfied test panelists of a variety of sizes and heights. As a high-quality chair with strong lumbar support, the Sayl is a good fit for standard office work—and its plastic-webbed back stays cooler than fabric cushions.

The Ignition 2. However, since the seat starts at 17 inches high, people of below-average height may have difficulty sitting properly with their feet flat on the floor we recommend a footrest. We launched a three-day email course to help make the transition easier.

Learn more and sign up here. Wirecutter senior staff writer Melanie Pinola has been working out of her home office for over two decades, writing about technology and productivity for sites such as Lifehacker, PCWorld, and Laptop Mag. In that time, she has researched and tested all sorts of office furniture and hardware, including standing desksfootrestsand ergonomic keyboards.

We also surveyed staff members who have owned or used any of our current or previous picks for their long-term testing notes. We now know that any sustained in-chair time can be detrimental to your healthbut a bad chair only adds to the problem by putting you in positions that add to long-term risk. If you have a home office, finding a chair that makes your desk time more comfortable and better for your health is a worthwhile endeavor.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. With ergonomic features and adjustable options, this chair earns praise for its comfort and affordability. The FreeFlex seat has a sliding adjustment to get the cushioned seat in just the right spot. You can also adjust the seat height, arm height, and seat tilt with one-touch pressurized controls. Some chairs require you to adjust the tension by means of a knob placed in an awkward spot, but this chair from Office Star makes it easy to modify the settings.

At first glance, it may appear to have less lumbar support compared to other models, but it has been widely noted that adjusting some of the other settings alleviates lower back strain. An office chair with a headrest provides additional postural support and ensures your neck is aligned with your spine. The lumbar cushion is also adjustable. While the materials used are not the most expensive, the design is simple and efficient, and the headrest can be easily adjusted to find the most comfortable height and angle.

The chair's height, back angle, and tilt can all be customized and locked into place—even the armrests can be moved up and down. It has a breathable mesh back and comes in a wide variety of fun colors like orange, purple, and blue. It's the perfect choice for a kid's homework nook or a high school or college student's room. According to customers, the Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair is incredibly comfortable, with an ergonomic design and durable construction.

Need to decorate your office? Here are our favorite bookcases for any home office. The Modway Articulate Office Chair is a moderately priced option that checks all of the boxes for an ergonomic chair.

The Best Office Chair

Its breathable mesh back provides plenty of lumbar support, and a waterfall-style seat keeps your legs comfortable while you sit. A lever allows you to adjust its height, while the padded arms and cushion provide additional support. The chair swivels degrees and sits on five gliding casters, making it easy to move around on both carpet and hardwood floors.

The Modway Veer Drafting Chair offers ergonomic comfort at a great price point, customers write, calling out its durable construction and simple, attractive design. Plus, it comes in seven great colors!

If you have a bit more to spend on an ergonomic office chair, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a beautifully constructed option that won't disappoint. First introduced inthe Aeron chair boasts a classic design and essentially serves as the template for all modern office chairs. Available in brown and black, this chair has a rich texture and built-in lumbar support, plus an elevated headrest and curved waterfall seat. The height and tilt and can be adjusted to suit your preferences, and its swivel seat and rotating casters make it as maneuverable as any mesh chair.

The core of the seat even includes a memory foam layer for additional support—a factor customers call out as especially beneficial, proving that it has the ergonomic design to match its snazzy appearance. The Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair has a spherical seat intended to promote micro-movements as you sit, reducing aches and pains associated with remaining sedentary.

Think of it as a yoga ball for your desk. The chair also has an adjustable support bar and four gliding casters and is available in nine distinct colors.

Customers write that the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair has helped them alleviate back pain associated with sitting for long periods of time.Most of us spend a lot of time in our chairs, whether we're working in an office or playing video games at home.

All that time can really add up, and that can lead to tight muscles, soreness, and health issues. Short of switching to a standing deskthere's little we can do to get free of the chair without just being more mindful and taking short breaks to get up and move around a bit.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair - Rolling Desk Chair with 3D Adjustable Armrest, 3D Lumbar Su

But, we can at least get a chair that won't exacerbate the problems that come from extensive sitting. A good office chair can help you get into a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position that won't make you feel like you're straining to maintain a good posture. You'll be able to sit up straight, keep your legs at a degree angle, and rest your arms while still being able to reach your desk.

Some will go even further with headrests, leg rests, and reclining features that let you take a load off now and then. And, you can even find unconventional office chairs that may better suit your work situation.

What matters is getting a good fit for you and your work setup. If you do that, you'll quickly feel the difference. We spend a lot of time seated writing up guides like this one, so we naturally have a first-hand understanding of the value of a great office chair.

Because of that, we've put together this list to help you find a comfortable chair that'll help get you through the long work day. Steelcase Think Best Office Chair. Steelcase Think. Autonomous MyoChair. Humanscale Freedom. Secretlab Omega Series.

Herman Miller Embody. Varichair Pro Standing Desk Stool. Secretlab NeueChair. Steelcase Gesture. More Expert Tech Roundups. Was this article informative?

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