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Geography map division district map

By size, Germany is the seventh-largest European country. It covers an area ofkm2sq mi. As observed on the physical map of Germany, the country's topography varies significantly from north to south. The North European Plain extends across the northern reaches of the country; this flat, lowland terrain is dissected by numerous bogs, rivers and streams, and is mostly used as farmland.

The North Sea coastline is low, marshy wetland, with dikes, mudflats and scattered islands. The Baltic Sea is hillier with some jagged cliffs. Rugen, Germany's largest island, is forested and rather hilly with steep cliffs and sandy beaches. In the northeast, and then stretching to the south of Berlin, Germany's land remains sandy and punctuated by dozens of mostly small lakes formed by retreating glaciers during the last Ice Age. The land then rises into the forested uplands of central Germany.

Major landforms here include the volcanic in origin Harz Mountains and the thickly wooded Rothaargebirge Mountains. Further south the rounded hills and mountains of the Eifel and Huynsruck uplands front the Rhine River Valley. The uplands continue eastward, eventually rising into the Ore Mountains on the Czech Republic border. In the far south the land remains mostly hilly, with heavily forested mountains.

The Bohemian Forest covers a lower mountain range along the Czech Republic border, and along the country's far-southwestern border with the Rhine River and France stands the thick story-book famous Black Forest. The Bavarian Alps, the highest mountains in Germany stretch across its southern border with Austria. Snow-covered Zugspitze, Germany's highest point is found here.

It is 2, m 9, ft tall and has been marked on the map by a yellow upright triangle. Stretched along the northern coastline, the Frisian Islands, East and North are separated from the mainland by the Waddenmeer. These barrier islands provide a small level of protection from the North Sea.

As observed on the map above, the country is drained by dozens of rivers.

District Borders and Maps

The longest river in Germany is the Rhine. Rising in the Alps of Switzerland, it's overall length runs miles 1, kmand along it path numerous tributaries and branches stretch in all directionsAnother river of note is the Danube, which rises in the Black Forest to then stretch across central Europe all the way to the Black Sea. The largest lakes include Chiemsee and Muritz, and Lake Constance along the Swiss border in the south. The lowest point natural in Germany is : Neuendorf-Sachsenbande in Wilstermarsch at 3.

Across Germany a large series of man-made canals join navigable rivers, creating thousands of miles of interconnecting inland waterways. They're used for commercial and local traffic, and by large fleets of cruising riverboats and charter barges. Germany officially, the Federal Republic of Germany is divided into 16 states Landersing. Land [commonly, referred to as Bundeslander federal states ].

The states are further divided into administrative districts, of which there are rural districts Kreise and urban districts Kreisfreie Stadte. With an area ofsq. It is also the 2 nd most populous country in Europe and the most populous member-state of EU.

Located in north eastern Germany, in the east of Elbe River is, Berlin — the capital and the largest city of Germany. It is also the most populous city of EU.Four physiographic regions run nearly parallel to the Atlantic coast of the country. As observed on the physical map of Liberia, the elevation of the land gradually increases with distance from the coast.

The coastal plains are around km long and 40 km wide and feature sandy beaches, lagoons, mangrove swamps, and some rocky outcrops. Finally, there is a mountainous highland region to the north hosting the highest point in the country, the 1, m high Mount Wuteve which has been marked on the map by an upright yellow triangle.

The country's major rivers include the Mano River in the northwest and the Cavalla River in the southeast. The Cavalla is the longest river in the nation at mi km. Additional rivers of note are the Lofa, St. Paul, St. With an area of 11, sq. Liberia is a country in West Africa. It is located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres. The three countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast bound Liberia to the northwest, north, and east respectively. The Atlantic Ocean borders Liberia to the south-southwest.

geography map division district map

Regional Maps : Map of Africa. The blank outline map represents the West African country of Liberia.

The map can be downloaded, printed, and used for educational purposes or coloring. This page was last updated on November 9, Home Africa Liberia. Counties Map Where is Liberia? Outline Map Key Facts. The outline map represents the West African country of Liberia. See also: Liberian Flag Liberian Symbols.

Where Do Polar Bears Live? Where Do Koalas Live? Where Is Micronesia? What Is Ecological Succession?This geographic location affords the oblast the advantages of proximity to Moscow and St. Additionally, the city of Yaroslavlthe administrative center of the oblast, is served by major highwaysrailroadsand waterways.

The population of the oblast was 1, Census. The climate of Yaroslavl Oblast is temperate continental, with long, cold, and snowy winters, and a short but quite warm summer. Formerly almost all territory was covered with thick conifer forest firpine. After much of this was harvested, now a large portion of territory has been replaced by second-growth birch -and- aspen forests and crop fields.

Swamps also take upconsiderable areas. Large animals have been much reduced in numbers, but there are still some bearswolvesfoxesmooseand wild boars. A great number of wild birds live and nest in the oblast.

In cities, the most common birds are pigeonsjackdawshooded crowsrookshouse sparrowsand great tits. The Volga River flows through Yaroslavl Oblast; major dams and hydroelectric stations were built at Uglich and Rybinsk. The Rybinsk Reservoirfilled between andis one of the largest in Europe.

As it was filled the former town of Mologa and several hundreds of villages were flooded. Somepersons in Yaroslavl, Vologda, and Kalinin now Tver oblasts had to be relocated in connection with this project.

Mineral resources are limited to construction materials such as sandgravelclay and peat. There are also mineral water springs and wells. People first settled in the area of the modern-day Yaroslavl Oblast during the Paleolithic Era at the end of the last glacial period.

The Fatyanovo—Balanovo culture is believed to have introduced agriculture in the region not later than the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. The earliest historically documented inhabitants of the Yaroslavl region were the Volga Finnic Merya people. They were known to come into close contact with Balto-Slavic tribes of Krivichs and Slovens from the th centuries AD; they eventually blended into a single cultural community with other people of the Kievan Rus'.

The oblast has belonged to the core of the Russian lands since the early Middle Ages. Rostovthe oldest city in the region, was first mentioned in records in AD. It soon became the main political and religious centers of the Northeast Kievan Rus'.

The Rostov eparchy established in was one of the earliest in Russia.The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure gender, urbanization. Bagbwe Bagbe. Bumpe Ngao. Jaiama Bongor.

Niawa Lenga. Bombali Sebora Bombali Shebora. Gbanti Kamaranka. Gbendembu Ngowahun. Magbaimba Ndorwahun Magbaiamba Ndowahun. Makari Gbanti. Paki Masabong Paki Massabong. Safroko Limba. Sanda Loko. Sanda Tendaran. Sella Limba. Bonthe Urban. Kpanda Kemo. Kwamebai Krim. Nongoba Bullom. Jawie Jawei. Kissi Kama. Kissi Teng. Kissi Tongi. Kpeje Bongre Peje Bongre. Kpeje West. Upper Bambara. Bramaia Briama. Gbinle Dixing.

Tonko Limba. Gorama Mende. Kandu Leppiama. Lower Bambara. Small Bo. Dembelia-Sinkunia Dembelia Sikunia. Folosaba Dembelia. Wara Wara Bafodia. Wara Wara Yagala.Evidence from the seventh-century Chinese traveller Xuanzang[1] in combination with much earlier evidence from the Hindu Itihasa the Mahabharata[2] attests that Poonch and Hazara District of Kashmir had formed parts of the ancient state of Kambojawhose rulers followed a republican form of government.

Alexander the Greatafter conquering parts of the Northern Punjab, established his rule over a large part of Hazara. In B. Hazara remained a part of the Taxila administration during the rule of the Maurya dynasty.

Ashoka the Great was the governor of the area when he was a prince. After the death of his father Bindusara around B. Today, the Edicts of Ashoka inscribed [4] on three large boulders near Bareri Hill serve as evidence of his rule there. The Mansehra rocks record fourteen of Ashoka's edicts, presenting aspects of the emperor's dharma or righteous law, and represent the earliest irrefutable evidence of writing in South Asia. Dating to middle of the third century BC, they are written from right to left in the Kharosthi script.

Hazara has several places of significance for the Hindus related to the Pandavas:. Many are the legends current about these heroes and they are localised at quite a number of places. The Hill of Mokshpurijust above Dunga Gali has an elevation of feet. Its name means 'the hill of salvation' and on its summit is a Panduan da Sthanor place of the Pandavaswhere it is said they were visited and tempted by Apsaras who still frequent the place.

The local people consider him as a popular folk hero. When a Chinese pilgrim, Hiun-Tsangvisited this area, it was under the control of Raja Durlabhavardhanathe ruler of Kashmir.

The Shahi dynasties ruled Hazara one after another. Among the Hindu Shahi dynasty rulers, Raja Jayapala is the best known. Mehmood of Ghazni defeated Raja Jayapala during his first campaign.

geography map division district map

However, there is no historical evidence that Mehmood of Ghazni ever visited or passed through Mansehra. After the fall of the Shahi dynasty, in the 11th century, the Kashmiris took control of the area under the leadership of Kalashan to From toKing Susala ruled the area. In the 12th century, Asalat Khan captured this area but soon after Mohammad of Ghor 's death the Kashmiris once again regained control of Hazara. Amb and its surrounding areas of Hazara have a long history which can be traced to Alexander the Great's invasion of India.

ArrianAlexander's historian, did not indicate the exact location of Embolinabut since it is known that Aoronos was on the right bank of the River Indus, the town chosen to serve as Alexander's base of supplies may with good reason be also looked for there.

Inthe Muslim warrior Timuron his return to Kabulstationed his Turk soldiers who belonged to a sub-tribe of Turks, called Karlugh Turks in Hazara to protect the important route between Kabul and Kashmir. ByPrince Shahab-ud-Din came from Kabul and established his rule over the region. At the beginning of the 18th century, Turkish rule came to an end due to the increased aggression of the Swatis and their allied forces. The most crucial attack was that of the Swatis in collusion with Syed Jalal Baba in Syed Jalal Shah was the son in law of the last ruler of Turkic dynasty, Thus Swatis ousted the Turks and captured this area.

geography map division district map

During the period of Mughal rule, local Turkish chiefs acknowledged Mughal authority. In fact, Mansehra provided the main route to Kashmir and was the most commonly used route for Emperor Akbar to travel to Kashmir. Hazara remained part of the Afghan Durrani Empire from the midth to the early 19th centuries. Durranis considered it wise to rule the region through the local tribal chiefs. The lower Hazara plain was a separate administrative region attached to the Chacch and Attock areas of Northern Punjab whereas most of upper Hazara was attached to the Durrani 'Subah' or governorship of Kashmirwith the exception of the Tanawal Ilaqa Amb or area, which paid liege homage or tribute in exchange for comparative independence.

Abbott managed to secure and pacify the area within a year. During the Second Sikh War Abbott and his men were cut off by the Sikh army from supplies and reinforcements from the rest of the British Army, but were able to maintain their position.In this Article Was this article helpful. All IE versions add extra space at the bottom without this.

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50 States and Capitals of the United States for Kids - Learn the geographic regions of the USA

The reason for this is that UI Elements only expect a "token" to be passed in for authentication, and Box provides two different ways to generate tokens - OAuth and JWT. So depending on which type of app you are building, follow the linked authentication guides above on how to generate access tokens, and refer to the UI Elements documentation below how to pass along those tokens to the Content Preview UI Element.Our reservations had all been made and no difficulties were encountered. I would like to thank Hafdis for her assistance in our trip planning.

Hazara, Pakistan

Her patience and prompt replies to our queries prior to the trip was very much appreciated, and the optional ideas she offered were helpful. We enjoyed meeting her personally at Nordic Visitor HQ on our return to Reykjavik, to share some of our experiences.

In general, we were pleased and impressed with the trip planning and the travel package that Nordic put together to make our road trip so relaxing and enjoyable.

Every detail was looked after. The voucher system worked efficiently at hotel check-in, shuttle services and anywhere else ticketing was needed. Thanks NV for a great Icelandic experience. Over all the tour was amazing. We were able to modify the 7 day tour to 9 day tour. At our face to face meeting, we discussed the Blue Lagoon and decided it was best to go there on the last day on the way to the airport. This was taken care of right away away, Our vouchers were emailed and printed at the hotel for us.

Overall the whole experience was perfect. You took the stress away of laying out out route and suggested options. We used the map, the GPS and the road guides often. We reviewed them each night to plan the next day. Having a car and a place to stay looked after made it very easy and flexible for us.

We loved all the places booked for us.

It was fantastic they offered breakfast for us. We would definitely use your services again some day and recommend to anyone considering a relaxing self drive vacation in Iceland. The roads in Iceland were far better than I had envisioned. Cheers, Singer, The entire experience was fabulous. Having everything organized and written out by day was great. Each day was fantastic.

Providing the GPS coordinates was brilliant. Our trip was made so easy because everything was beautifully organized for us. It was a fabulous experience. Each of the destinations was magnificent and we also did many of the suggested additional recommendations. We would not have seen as much without the tour. Also, the hotel arrangements were terrific, and the voucher system made checking in very easy. We will be back.

We simply loved our journey. The only thing is the cost of living and the exchange value of our canadian dollar. But we were aware of this. Sofia made a perfect job to customize the tour and it the communications were easy and fast.

Thank you very much Sofia. We were able to see the midnight sun because of nordic visitor they have planned our tour very well and the local guides were very co operative.

geography map division district map

We used Larus at Nordic Visitors to arrange a weeklong tour of Reykjavik and the Southern Coast of Iceland. We were extremely impressed with the quality of the services--and we have traveled extensively throughout the world. Larus was extremely responsive to our inquiries and tailored the perfect trip for us that allowed us to enjoy the country's beautiful scenery and to do a lot of great hiking.

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